Engage New Customers
With Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing brings visitors in, rather than going out to get prospects' attention in this world of cluttered advertising. Inbound marketing earns the attention of customers, makes your company easy to be found, and draws customers to the website and app by producing interesting content. Some examples include social media, video blogs, and e-newsletters.

Social Media

Social Media is one of the most cost-effective tools at your disposal. Done right, it can familiarize prospective fans with your brand, send visitors to your website, encourage fans to convert to paying customers, encourage people to sign up for mailing lists, and influence behavior and attitudes regarding your organization.


Video can be used in coordination with social media, but it also casts a wider net to include frequent visitors of sites like YouTube and Vimeo. PMI Pros produces unique videos called Kwik Draw Videos that are 800% more engaging than written word and four times more engaging than talking head videos.

Animated Business Cards

We also create Animated Business Cards, or ABCs, which you can share on your social media, put at the footer of your emails, and post on your website to be your virtual business card. Voiced by you (unless you request otherwise), ABCs are a new and engaging way to put your business and the face behind it (that’s you!) on the radar of new fans and customers.


The blogging world is yet another sphere of the Internet that draws in new audience members and familiarizes them with your expertise and merits. If  you establish yourself as an expert or authority on a particular subject, your blog could be the go-to page for your audience each week (or day, or month... it’s really up to you). We can help you decide what kind of blogging is right for your marketing strategy and help you set up your blog  and integrate it with your website. 


The time-tested way to get in touch with people you know actually want to hear from you. While keeping your subscribers updated with the latest news or event details, you are also keeping your organization at the front of their mind. They can be used to share exclusive deals and upcoming sales to entice them to sign up and continue being a customer or supporter of your brand. PMI Pros can help you with getting your mailing list set up and even design custom newsletter templates to get you started in an organized fashion with a well-thought-out marketing strategy.